Boldly Grown Farm (WA)
Contact: Amy Frye & Jacob Slosberg
City: Mount Vernon, WA,
About Us
Boldly Grown Farm is a certified organic family farm in the Skagit Valley. Our primary focus is on growing fall and winter vegetables for wholesale markets throughout Washington and Oregon. We also run a winter CSA program, providing a unique opportunity to receive a regular supply of local food during the traditional off-season. We grow approximately 30 acres of vegetables, utilizing scale-appropriate machinery to save time, reduce wear and tear on our bodies and increase efficiency and productivity. We take pride in our high-quality products, and we love growing a lot of food and feeding a lot of people!

As we move operations to the 58-acre farm that we purchased in 2021, our primary focus will continue to be on fall and winter vegetables, but we’re also increasing our spring & summer vegetable production, growing and selling vegetables 52 weeks per year. We’re also expanding into small grains, seed crops and perennials, reinvigorating our flower program, and adding a farm stand on site. We’re passionate about feeding our community with healthy, locally grown vegetables while stewarding farmland and creating local jobs.
Boldly Grown Farm is certified organic and GAP certified. We grow our crops without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. We use cover cropping and crop rotations to improve soil fertility, build organic matter, and manage diseases. We control pests by providing habitat for beneficial insects, scheduled monitoring, and organic inputs when necessary. Weeds are managed through tractor cultivation and hand weeding. We maintain an 8-acre treed riparian buffer along the Samish River.