Sign up for one (or several!) of our subscriptions and receive regularly scheduled deliveries of high quality, locally and regionally sourced food. We offer subscriptions for produce, meat, seafood, eggs, and milk. Our fully customizable shares take the planning out of buying local and ensure you get more of the Alaskan products you love. Plus, we have plenty of add-on items to spice things up like honey, coffee, and other pantry goodies, to help you do all your shopping in one place! 

We are committed to local, that's why we source Alaskan products whenever possible. Our Produce Shares are 100% Alaskan Grown from July - early October. Starting mid - October through June we will incorporate Washington produce into the share to supplement the Alaskan products, for better year round variety. Farm names and locations will be listed with each product, so you will always know where your food is coming from. 

Subscriptions are pay-as-you-go. You can cancel anytime. 

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