Ferrari Farm (CA)
City: Linden, CA,
About Us
Wayne and his father, George, started farming together back in 1963, and it’s been a family operation ever since. Today, Wayne and his wife, Irene, continue to farm with their two sons, Jeff and Greg, and their daughter, Gina.
Soil fertility and nutrition are built through natural methods such as intensive composting and utilizing a no-till approach where possible to help create a rich living soil. Not tilling reduces soil compaction and erosion, reduces use of fossil fuels, and helps to maintain a beneficial earthworm habitat. Alternative pest control methods such as pheromone mating disruption are utilized in lieu of conventional, non-organic pesticides. They're invested heavily in solar power, believing it’s not just an opportunity, but a duty to protect the environment by investing in renewable resources. Their packing facility is powered nearly entirely by a 110 kW DC solar installation while the irrigation pumps are powered by an additional 232.9 kW DC of solar power.