Far North Fungi (AK)
Contact: Gabe DeGange & Allison Dunbar
Address: 2451 Oak Dr. Anchorage, AK, 99508
About Us
Gabe DeGange and Allison Dunbar started Far North Fungi in January 2017, but their mushroom journey began much earlier. They were both inspired to pursue mushrooms from a speech given by a famous mycologist at the Bioneers conference in 2011. Two years later, Gabe and Allison would meet at Paul Stamets' Fungi Perfecti mushroom cultivation conference. Their connection over mushrooms grew stronger as Allison worked on a mushroom farm in Atlanta and Gabe dreamed of starting his own mushroom business. They currently grow four varieties of mushrooms, Lions Mane, Blue Oyster, King Oyster, and Black Poplar. They also forage for variety of wild mushrooms, including morels and hedgehogs.