Skylight Farms (WA)
City: Snohomish, WA,
About Us
Skylight Farms, situated on the banks of the beautiful Snohomish River, was started by Jonathan and Petrina Fisher in late 2012. In the search to do something meaningful, Jonathan and Petrina left their desk jobs and decided to grow the kind of food that should be on every table: sustainable, ecological, and ethical. With five acres in cultivation, Skylight Farms’ rich, sandy loam soil yields a diverse mix of vegetables, fruit, and herbs. In addition, the farm is home to a flock of pastured laying hens, a small herd of cattle, and a few bee hives. Skylight Farms sells wholesale to restaurants, small grocery stores, and other institutions, as well as direct to customers at the Bellevue Farmers Market. We are also proud partners to Seattle Tilth, Project Harvest, and Farms For Life.
We believe that successful farming is the result of using good practices, taking care of the earth, favorable weather conditions, and a little bit of good luck. Our goal is to have a minimal impact on the land and to leave it in a better condition than we found it. We build the health of our soil naturally by planting cover crops, using crop rotation, and letting it rest. We manage pests and disease by using ecological practices, favoring fabric row cover over sprays, and have made our peace with a certain amount of crop loss during any given season. We never use synthetic, chemical sprays and only plant non-GMO seeds. Our animals eat, live, and play in our open pastures.