Griffin Creek Farm (WA)
Contact: Wendy Munroe & Andrew Stout
City: Carnation, WA,
About Us
Griffin Creek Farm specializes in growing certified organic vegetables year round in the fertile Snoqualmie Valley. Griffin Creek runs alongside their fields, starting up by the barn and flowing into the Snoqualmie River. It is a magical creek, running cold and fast, that they pay homage to everyday as it is home to their local population of Coho Salmon.
Their growing success would not be possible without their five greenhouses. In the Pacific Northwest the cool, rainy springs can last well into June. In order to optimize the growing season, they start almost all of their crops in their greenhouses. They have been involved in habitat restoration both in native shrub planting and water quality projects, making sure that their agricultural practices are not interfering with the important habitats of the salmon, heron, elk, bear and even the busy beavers who love to dam up the creek and ditches and help flood their fields.