Tualco Valley Farm (WA)
Contact: Rosario Hernandez
City: Monroe, WA,
About Us
Located on 20 acres in the beautiful Tualco Valley, near the Skykomish River in Washington, Tualco Valley Produce is a family-owned farm and produce stand. We believe that our community should have access to local, fresh, clean, whole food and a connection to the people and place it was grown. The head of our family is Rosario, she has a lifetime of experience farming organically including more than 25 years on this farm. She has added to the 100 plus years of farming history of the land and loves teaching her third generation how to care for the plants and land.
We are dedicated stewards of the land, inherited with a sense of duty and obligation to pass on the best land possible to our future generations. With that in mind, we use no chemicals, pesticides, insecticides or any other inorganic methods of pest control. As methods of control, without elimination, we choose crops and varieties that are resistant to specific pest in our microclimate, practice thoughtful crop rotation, utilize effective weed management practices, and employ physical exclusion techniques when feasible. Tualco Valley is fortunate to be located near the Snohomish and Skykomish Rivers, both of which naturally aid the fertility and irrigation of our farm land. We are able to produce beautiful fresh produce with limited input.