Domina Dairy (WA)
Contact: John and Sheila Ahmann
City: Chehalis, WA,
About Us
We are John, Sheila, and Nikki Ahmann. Our dairy and creamery was founded in 2006 for the purpose of farming and making dairy products the way our grandparents did. This 31-acre dairy farm, located just outside of Napavine, WA, is truly a little piece of heaven on earth. For the love of cheese and our cows, we work hard to create the very best products. We are one of the smallest registered dairies in Washington State. We only have 4-5 cows milking at any given time.
Our little farm consists of pampered Guernsey cows, and a few other farm animals. John is a bovine veterinarian and we all work hard to keep the place nice and clean, so our cows really are happy cows. John takes very good care of our cows, as well as the cows of other farmers in the area. We also mantain very clean facilities, and always pass our inspections with a 95% or better. Our cheeses are made from raw or pasteurized milk, straight from our happy cows, and we offer a variety of flavors and package options.

Our signature, Gouda-style, raw milk cheese with an oiled rind. This one is like a milder Gouda when young, and more like a Parmesan when aged. Our Traditional Cheddar is a traditional cheddar with a bandaged/brushed rind. Saint Isidore is akin to a tomme, this is a raw cows milk cheese with a natural rind. Bella's Feta comes in plain 1 lb. blocks, or in a 1 pint marinade upon request. Domina's Fresh cheese is just like your favorite cream cheese, only better. Made from pasteurized milk, it spreads on crackers, toast or bagels beautifully.