Polaris Farm (AK)
City: Palmer, AK,
Phone: 907-841-6121
About Us
One of Alaska's largest and hardest working poultry farms. Polaris farm is a trusted source for eggs but also is a leading supplier of baby chicks to many poultry farms across the state! Interested in raising hens yourself? You can find Polaris Farm chicks at Alaska Mill and Feed in Anchorage!

Pulling up to Polaris Farm in Palmer, it looks like an unassuming residential home, comfortably nestled in a sleepy subdivision with majestic views of Matanuska and Pioneer Peak. But take a closer look and you realize it's bursting with life. Polaris Farm is currently home to a few thousand laying hens, baby chicks destined for numerous backyards in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley and an ancient black hen named "Stumpy" who looks over the younger birds.

Farmer Don Dyer's poultry operation is just the start. He has a few other enterprises that are hidden under deep, drifting snow and lots of composting chicken manure. In the summer, Polaris Farm will produce piles of juicy greenhouse tomatoes, several varieties of sweet and hot peppers, sweet English cucumbers and enough plump black currants to fill our warehouse cooler several times over!

We are looking forward to sharing all of the amazing meat, eggs and produce from Polaris Farm with you this year. Help us welcome Polaris Farm to the Arctic Harvest Farmer Team in 2021!