Sauk Farm (WA)
City: Concrete, WA,
About Us
Sauk Farm is located in eastern Skagit County overlooking Sauk Mountain, at the confluence of the Sauk and Skagit Rivers. Periodic floods have covered the area in rich river delta packed with microfauna and nutrients. The resulting laroush silt loam soil, with an organic matter content of 10%, is prime to grow organic crops. Our isolated location in the Sauk River Valley makes the farm a pristine location for organic farming practices. Sauk Farm grows apples, white wine and red wine grapes, assorted tree fruit, and honey. We are committed to producing organic crops in a sustainable manner that also improves the land. Our pledge to you, Local, Fresh, & Nothing But the Best!
Sauk Farm is certified organic through the WSDA, and is currently transitioning its apples to organic. At our farm we take a proactive approach to insure crop success. A multitude of soil, foliar, and fruit nutritional tests are taken to discover imbalances and adjust them before an issue arises. We monitor weekly for pests, diseases, and nutritional deficiencies. Besides monitoring for pests, we also monitor beneficial insects to appropriately time practices so as not to harm their population levels. To improve nutrient cycling and promote insect, plant, and soil microfauna diversity we plant a mixture of red clover, white clover, mustard, barley, and ryegrass cover crops between our rows of trees and vines. The flowering of the leguminous cover crops provides ample forage for our Italian honeybees and other native pollinators.