AK Fermentation Co. (AK)
City: Sterling, AK,
About Us
Residing in Sterling Alaska, a small town three hours south of Anchorage on the road system, Greg and Marnie Olcott have called the Kenai Peninsula home for 25 years. They learned the art of fermenting from family and are honored to carry on the tradition. Not thinking it was such an honor at the time, Ed, Marine’s dad, learned to make ferments and pickles from his Grandmother ‘Caty’, a German Immigrant from Russia. Ed and Tina Heath started selling sauerkraut and pickled goods at the oldest Farmers Market in Anchorage in 2012. When asked if they wanted to learn how to make ferments and carry on the tradition they of course said yes! Moving the operation to the Peninsula in 2018, they began the journey. Ak Fermentation Co has evolved from its origins of selling at Farmers Markets to wholesale retail sales. While keeping with their commitment to authentic ferments, they have expanded flavor profiles and product offerings and look forward to the addition of additional fermented delicacies in the future!
Their products are made with traditional methods using only pure natural ingredients. They take pride in our partnerships with local growers in their efforts towards locally sourced ingredients free of pesticides and chemicals to provide customers with the purest products possible.