NW Farms (WA)
City: Lacey, WA,
About Us
NW Farms is a vertical hydroponic farming company growing clean, sustainable, and local fresh produce in the Pacific Northwest. We are a family owned business started by husband and wife duo Bryce and Andrea Clemmer. Our families prefer to eat healthy, pesticide and herbicide free produce. NW Farms' team has decades of experience in the produce industry, and through experience we have seen the many ways that our produce is grown, processed and transported.

Our team provides fresh vertically grown produce year-round from our indoor, climate-controlled farm facilities. We believe it is important to react to customer and consumer changes within a short timeframe by growing and caring for our produce in an indoor food safe environment. NW Farms supplies our locally grown produce to customers within 1-2 days of harvest. As a result, NW Farms consistently works to elevate both the nutritional value and freshness standards. We are located south of Seattle, in the Auburn and Lacey Washington regions to help reduce our carbon footprint on our environment.
This style of growing requires no soil. Rather, seeds are germinated in coconut husk (coir) and peat-moss where the roots are soaked in a nutrient-rich water solution that can be recirculated and monitored throughout the growth of the plant. Since the water can be reused over-and-over, it uses over 95% less water compared to conventional farming. LED lights are used to efficiently simulate sunlight and provide an optimal lighting cycle.