All About Apples (AK)
Contact: Marian and Daniel Elliott
Address: 950 E Fairview Loop Rd Wasilla, AK,
Phone: 907-376-5196
About Us
Horticulture expert Dan Elliott has run?All About Apples, at his orchard on Fairview Loop in Wasilla for over 30 years. On over 140 trees, which he grafted on Alaska hardy rootstock, he produces 125 varieties of prize winning Alaska hardy apples perfect for pies, sauce, lunch boxes, snacks, juice or cider. His apples are grown without the chemicals usually used in an industrial agricultural business and sold without a wax coating. As one of the most experienced and knowledgeable growers in the state Mr. Elliott enjoys sharing his in-depth knowledge of raising a good apple crop under Alaska conditions. He grafts new trees with scionwood from his orchard for people want to grow their own, and participates in workshops in grafting and pruning apple trees.