Red Feather Farm
Contact: Loren & Denise Statz
Address: 17869 E Christian Ridge Palmer, AK, 99645
Email Address:
Phone: 907-745-2259
About Us
Loren and Denise raise hogs, ducks, rabbits and laying hens outdoors in the sun and feed them on local Alaskan grains whenever possible. Loren is originally a transplant from the Wisconsin Dells area in Wisconsin. Denise is a fishermen's daughter, born and raised in Alaska hailing from Naknak - Bristol Bay. Loren still keeps a job off farm and handles the bulk of the animal husbandry. DeniseShe does the SAFM and keeps the family fed.

These Palmer-based farmers love raising healthy, happy animals for Arctic Harvest year-round! They have 40 very hilly acres right up against wishbone hill in Palmer. The pigs have cleared a lot of land for them. Mangalisa-Tamworth cross is the hybrid cross that they have found works best for winter hardiness and some very flavorful meat.

Red Feather Farm feeds almost exclusively Alaskan grown hay, barely, sunflower seeds and cow milk. Raise 7 milk cows as well most of which goes to the hogs.
Low impact farming at it's finest. All the animals are free range. Zero antibiotics. Animals are born on the property.