Knik River Ranch
City: Palmer, AK, 99645
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Phone: 907-350-6588
About Us
Jim Parker, of Knik River Ranch has plenty of room for his pigs to find something to eat. With 93 acres of mixed forest, pasture and river front, Jim's Tamworth hogs live a life of continual exploration for grasses, roots, leaves, bugs and spent brewery grains. It would be hard to imagine a more humane and dignified hog operation.

Resourcefulness is all part of the larger business strategy, according to Jim. In addition to foraging around the farm "we take advantage of the tremendous amount of commercial food waste from farms, breweries, restaurants and grocery stores and serve it up to our hogs." This, it turns out, is the ultimate form of recycling. Discarded food is transformed into a superior pork product all while having a positive impact beyond the farm.

The quality of the meat from Tamworth pigs is renowned. Chefs and pork enthusiasts alike seek out it's superior marbling, fine texture and rich flavor. When you combine these qualities with the breed's cold-weather tolerance, friendliness and overall self-reliance you see why Tamworths are an ideal choice for an Alaskan hog operation.