SteamDot Coffee
Contact: Johnathan
Address: 4820 Fairbanks St. Anchorage, AK,
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Phone: 907-277-8327
About Us
SteamDot Coffee was founded in Anchorage, Alaska way back in 2009 with the express purpose of bringing handcrafted, origin-oriented coffee roasting and presentation to the 49th state. The SteamDot name emerged from their start in Anchorage’s historic rail yards. They fired up their first roaster in a big red shed across the street from where locomotives park and where they could feel the ground shake when they rumbled to life. They fell in love with the play on words between billowing steam from trains and espresso machines, and the dot on the map where their beginnings took root. SteamDot’s focus is nothing more or less than to source, roast, and present the finest coffees possible. We are proud to be partnered with such an amazing coffee roaster!