LunaBear Farm
Address: 17805 E Idle Dr Palmer, AK, 99645
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Phone: 907-545-4035
About Us
Like many of our small farms, LunaBear started out as a pastime that grew into a hobby, which then grew again into a small business. A few years into the endeavor (and hundreds of chickens and turkeys later) Sandy Calvetti and Greg Erikson are focused on producing eggs from healthy, mixed flocks of rare and exotic breeds of layers.

Sitting at the end of the road near the foot of Lazy Mountain in Palmer, AK is a 1.5 acre bustling poultry farm that started out as a rescue operation for chickens who needed a home for one reason or another. Today, there are nearly 200 birds on the farm (some of them Turkeys who serve as protection from hawks and owls) and over a dozen unique breeds represented! With generous space to roam, these chickens are not just unique, but happy as well.
LunaBear Farm proudly boasts the greatest flock diversity of any farm we work with! Over a dozen unique breeds. That's amazing.