Welcome to Arctic Harvest Deliveries' Online Store!

Arctic Harvest Deliveries carries the largest selection of Alaska grown, raised, harvested and made food products in the state. Our goal is to source high quality, local products for everyone from chefs and produce managers, to individual customers. And to create opportunities for local farmers and food entrepreneurs to share their products with more people. 

We source produce, meat, seafood, eggs, dairy and other farm products year-round, from over thirty-five producers around Alaska. We also bring in sustainably grown Washington produce during the off-season to supplement local products. Our online store makes its easy for you to shop all these great products in one convenient location. Producer name and location is listed with each product, so you always know where your food is coming from. 

Getting Started 

RETAIL: Are you a retail customer interested in purchasing fresh, high quality food for yourself or your family? Click here to set up an account and shop our store! 

We have TWO ordering options to choose from: 

1. Farm Shares - This is a subscription to receive regular deliveries of farm fresh produce. Shares are fully customizable and you have the option to add-on any of the other products we carry, including eggs, milk, meat, seafood and pantry staples. From July - early October Farm Shares will include 100% Alaskan produce. From mid-October – June, we’ll have a mix of Alaskan and Washington products. Farm Shares run year-round, sign-up or cancel anytime, no commitment required. Click here to shop subscriptions.

2. Farm Stand Store - This is our a la carte shopping option and works just like an online farmers' market. You can pick and choose whichever products you like and order as often or as little as you like - no subscription required. Click here to preview the store.

The ordering/customization period is every week from 4:30pm Friday - 9pm Sunday for both options.

Pickup/delivery locations (summer schedule July - October):

Choose from home delivery (Anchorage only) or one of our public pickup sites in Anchorage and Eagle River (year-round), or Palmer, Wasilla and Girdwood (summer only). 


Cynosure Brewing | Anchorage | 4 - 8pm

La Bodega Midtown | Anchorage | 4 - 7pm

Organic Oasis | Anchorage | 4:30 - 7:30pm  

Home Delivery to Midtown/West Anchorage, and Bayshore/Klatt neighborhoods | Anchorage | 3 - 6pm


Odd Man Rush Brewing | Eagle River | 4 - 7pm

Turkey Red | Pamer | 4 - 7pm

The Clock Tower | Wasilla | 3 - 6pm

La Bodega | Girdwood | 4 - 7pm


Arctic Harvest Warehouse | Anchorage | 3 - 6pm

South Restaurant | Anchorage | 4 - 8pm

Midnight Sun Brewing | Anchorage | 4:30 - 8:30pm

Home Deliveries to Abbott Loop/Campbell Park, Upper Hillside and Hillside East | Anchorage | 3 - 6pm


Hearth Artisan Pizza | Anchorage | 4 - 8pm

49th State Brewing Co. | Anchorage | 4 - 7pm

Russian Jack Chalet | Anchorage | 4:30 - 7:30pm

Home Delivery to East Anchorage, Basher, and Downtown/Fairview | Anchorage | 3 - 6pm


Odd Man Rush Brewing | Eagle River | 4 - 7pm

WHOLESALE: Are you a chef, producer manager, or other wholesale buyer interested in purchasing fresh, high quality, Alaska Grown products? If you'd like to become a customer, please Contact Us to set up an account.  

PRODUCERS: Are you an Alaskan farmer, fisherman or food entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to sell wholesale and get your products to more customers around the state? If so, Contact Us   and let us know what products you produce.

What's New This Week?

Visit our Online Store  to see what's available. Our product list is always changing, so check the website weekly for the most current product list.