Granite Peak Farm
Contact: Jason Afrank
City: Sutton, AK,
Email Address:
Jason Afrank started Granite Peak Farm in 2016 out in Sutton AK. With around 30 acres of land, Jason raises Katadin sheep, Milk cows, a few hundred laying hens and around 30 hogs each year. Each of these animals plays an important ecosystem role on the farm. From trimming underbrush in the woods to eating insect pests and fertilizing the pastures with manure -- nothing is wasted or out of place. The hogs help expand the garden by clearing weedy areas. The hogs eat the garden waste including lots of planted turnips that are just for the hogs.

Raises around 20 - 30 hogs per year. Plans to at least double the number in the coming years.
Building a barn this year for hogs, sheep and cows. Small herd of cows and Katadins meat to consumer.
Raises potatoes and root crops currently... has a personal garden.
Laying hens around 100.
Normally raises 300-500 meat chickens per year.
Moved here from Nebraska in 2015
Grew up working on farms
Background in construction